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Check out my NEW 3D ANIMATION!

2010-01-23 22:34:41 by Zandoid

Hey everyone! I've recently finished a short 3D animation and thought I'd share it with you. It was made mainly as a way to beef up my show-reel, but has a potentially interesting storyline to explore. However, what I have animated so far is merely an introduction to said story and might feel a little slow since there's not a lot of action and it's mainly dialogue driven. Anyhow, you still might be interested in checking it out though :)

BIG shout-out to those that helped in the making of this - THANKYOU :)

Check it here in HD - LINK

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Check out my NEW 3D ANIMATION!

Art portal! and '09...

2009-06-19 23:39:33 by Zandoid

Yay! The art portal seems pretty cool. I've started uploading some things that I've done, so hopefully people like them.

This year I'm focusing on my 3D portfolio, working on a showreel - so flash animation is on hold for the time being - so don't expect anything from me for awhile since I'll be focusing my creative time on 3D related things.

Anyway, in the meantime - keep it real; keep it modest....

Catchya later.

NEW ANIMATION - must see!

2008-06-18 09:29:15 by Zandoid

Hey all. Go check out my new animation "Blokes at the Shops" a visual take on one of the antics of radio duo "Hamish and Andy"

Watch it here -
and vote 5 if you like it!

Also, if you want more of these hilarious guys, podcast their show at

Take care.


2007-11-06 03:43:32 by Zandoid

Hey there!

Just making my first news post.

Umm, I'll just say first off that I'm liking the NEWLY re-designed, it's looking pretty slick.

Nothing really new or interesting to report on that is definite, but I guess I'll be trying to work on some new animations and such, as well as pay some attention to my 3D stuff. Hope you'll like whatever I end up submitting next on Newgrounds (whenever that may be).

In the mean time however, feel free to watch and review my animations here on Newgrounds or check out any of my other work on DeviantART.

Anyhow, keep it real; keep it modest and stay safe.

- Zandoid