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Check out my NEW 3D ANIMATION!

2010-01-23 22:34:41 by Zandoid

Hey everyone! I've recently finished a short 3D animation and thought I'd share it with you. It was made mainly as a way to beef up my show-reel, but has a potentially interesting storyline to explore. However, what I have animated so far is merely an introduction to said story and might feel a little slow since there's not a lot of action and it's mainly dialogue driven. Anyhow, you still might be interested in checking it out though :)

BIG shout-out to those that helped in the making of this - THANKYOU :)

Check it here in HD - LINK

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Check out my NEW 3D ANIMATION!


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2010-01-23 22:55:46

that is some some slick shit dude


2010-01-23 23:03:57

The only thing I disliked was the girl's accent... but I guess that's cuz I'm a French speaker myself, hence I'm more critical.


2010-01-24 04:18:49

A little more improvement and you could work for an 'ANIME' company !


2010-01-24 08:15:04


i hope to one day animate like you.
flash was never my thing but 3D is my niche.

but this must have taken soo long to render what with the hair detail like that.
i need a better computer T_T lol


Zandoid responds:

Thankyou. :)

The hair was pretty simple and fast to render. It's just made up of poly planes and procedually textured with a stretched noise map for that hair strand look.


2010-01-24 13:49:45

Great little intro film. Just curious, how long did it take you to make this? Also how long did it take you to render it (how powerful is your computer?). anyway, awesome animation, i just love how u were able to animate the conversation as if she was a real person with the hand motions and stuff.

Zandoid responds:

Thanks. It was made over like a 6 month period, there were some weeks though where i had little to no time working on it though. As for rendering, it took me about 3 weeks, just rendering during the days so I could keep an eye on things (and temperatures in my room) since it's summer, I don't like long renders through the warm/hot nights.

I have an 8 core computer that's been designed to work hard with rendering, it's not an ideal gaming machine though :P


2010-01-24 14:40:46

Dude that was amazing it was nicely animated and it was visual gold! You definitely have a lot of talent


2010-02-22 19:54:42

What animation program did you use? I use 3ds max, but this doesn't look like that.

Zandoid responds:

I used Maya. But it's all do-able in Max aswell.


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