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2007-11-06 03:43:32 by Zandoid

Hey there!

Just making my first news post.

Umm, I'll just say first off that I'm liking the NEWLY re-designed, it's looking pretty slick.

Nothing really new or interesting to report on that is definite, but I guess I'll be trying to work on some new animations and such, as well as pay some attention to my 3D stuff. Hope you'll like whatever I end up submitting next on Newgrounds (whenever that may be).

In the mean time however, feel free to watch and review my animations here on Newgrounds or check out any of my other work on DeviantART.

Anyhow, keep it real; keep it modest and stay safe.

- Zandoid



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2007-11-06 06:34:06

new newgrounds? you mean the redisign?

Zandoid responds:

hehehe, yeah the "re-design" would be a better word to describe it. XD


2007-11-06 06:59:09

Welcome to NG! :)
You seem pretty good at digital art, looking forward to seeing your creations!


2007-11-06 08:08:08

I have the day Newgrounds was redesigned on my calendar.
July 17th should be a national holiday.


2007-11-06 11:16:08

Hey again :) Funny, I was actually looking through your animations earlier. I like your new style, very cute and cartoony. I think I prefered the more realistic approach though :D


2008-01-17 04:44:52

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2008-06-14 18:29:56

You have nice drawing and animation skills.

Also are you an Aussie...?

Zandoid responds:

You betcha'
and thanks :)