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NEW ANIMATION - must see!

2008-06-18 09:29:15 by Zandoid

Hey all. Go check out my new animation "Blokes at the Shops" a visual take on one of the antics of radio duo "Hamish and Andy"

Watch it here -
and vote 5 if you like it!

Also, if you want more of these hilarious guys, podcast their show at

Take care.


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2008-06-18 10:24:48

Gotta love Hamish.

Zandoid responds:

haha, yeah. The guy's Dynamite! XD


2008-06-19 11:59:49

dude? what the fuck? that was hilarious, probably the most entertaining thing i saw on the portal today, and yet it losses to a drawing tutorial? it's thing like this that make me think the portal is corrupt.

Zandoid responds:

yeah, it pisses me off ey. It certainly makes ya doubt submitting stuff here on NGs if things aren't being judged fairly.


2009-03-30 06:51:05

hey, i'm a big fan of your animations, mind if I join in making animations?


2009-03-30 19:23:05

You just made one of the better original cartoons here. I think that Almighty Hans, Notorious, and Legendary Frog could learn something from you.